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In an ever-changing real estate market, it can be difficult to assess the current market value of your home. Our real estate professionals have the knowledge and experience to correctly evaluate your home to ensure that you list for the right price to sell quickly and still achieve maximum value. A variety of factors can affect the value of your home. Let us take the guesswork out and get your home listed at the right price

What Is a Home Evaluation?

A home evaluation is completed by a qualified real estate professional to estimate the current market value of a home or property. The evaluation is based on the features, qualities, and condition of the home and other comparable homes already on the market, or similar homes in the area that have been recently sold.

We Will Work With You and Advise On:

  • Costs associated with selling your home

  • Bank appraisals

  • Financing options

  • Building inspections and when to renovate

  • Selling your home for maximum value

Know the Value of Your Home!

Contact Us to request your  Free Home Evaluation Today!
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